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Preserving History for Current & Future Generations to Learn About, & Experience First Hand. Creating Heritage West World – a physical & virtual place to experience the West of yesteryear.

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The Southwestern Heritage Center Historical Society was formed as a Nonprofit Corporation on November 23, 2021 and is now a 501 (c) 3. The goal is to provide a safe, family friendly environment where citizens, new move-ins, children, youth, senior citizens, and tourists participate in hands-on experiences tied to different aspects of our southwestern heritage. A wise man said, “If we don’t know where we come from, we can’t get back home.” A secondary goal is for every citizen in and tourist to the area to pay to visit the Center, with their family, by 2030. We believe the Center will become a destination, helping individuals remember the trails, places, and people today’s society is built on, while contemplating ways to improve the trails, places, and people tomorrow’s society will be built on. This is our heritage.

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The Southwestern Heritage Center is documenting our heritage, including Monuments & Indexed Stories. You can submit a story at https://www.swhchs.org/index.php/story-submission/ and once our historians have confirmed the information included in your story, it will become part of the Stories Database. swhchs.org retains copyright on all stories in the Stories Database. If the stories are licensed for a family or professional movie, submitters will receive 50% of any profits. 

Anyone who subscribes can get access to 25 stories for free. For $7.00 per year, or $200 per lifetime, subscribers get access to all stories in the indexed story database, for the time licensed. swhchs.org is assisting Heritage West World create an indexed western movie and indexed western television series streaming service.  More information will be posted here later, including subscription costs and what will be available anywhere with the streaming service.

There are and will be many things to see & to learn at & through swhchs.org, including:

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“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

The Stories being collected in the swhchs.org Stories Database teach us about the past. If learned by our youth, these stories will help them not repeat the mistakes of the past. If learned by adults, these stories will help us focus our lives on activities which fit the local southwestern heritage and culture, and will help us learn what brought unhappiness and what brought joy to those who trod these valleys before us.

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  • Subscriptions Options for streaming indexed western movies and streaming indexed western television serials will be added when they are available at a large discount to those with an existing subscription.

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